Bon Biní or Welcome to my journey towards fame and fortune as a photographer. Follow me as I go back to school after many, many years as the first step towards achieving this goal. See me stumble and get back up and rejoice with me at the end of the road.

I started photographing the world at a young age in my native Curaçao. Over the years I have taken thousands of images, particularly of beauty pageants which are a passion of mine. Some of my pageant photos have been published online and some of these even made it into newspapers internationally.

Personally I find that portraits are my forté and as part of my journey I am excited to experiment with other genres. I moved to London in 2011, among other things to pursue art through my pictures.

Allow me to share with you the images which show how I see the world I live in and the amazing human beings I get to interact  with.

Stay well, Richard John Isa

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