Introducing Mr. World-Wales

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Mr. World-Wales 2014
Mr. World-Wales 2014

Before re-inventing myself as a photographer, I was and still am a pageant coach. Working with both men and women, I have had the privilege of working with talented, dedicated  and committed young people in their quest for international success in beauty and modelling competitions.  Doing this work you get to know the authentic personalities of the ones you are coaching. Some are truly committed to something greater than themselves, while others pretend to be as they believe that it is expected of them.

I have been extremely fortunate in that the vast majority of my coachees have been genuine and caring human beings. Michael-Rae Formston, Mr. Wales for Mr. World 2014, is definitely the real deal. A caring young man, who works with problem youth and is committed to his craft as a personal trainer and to the general well-being and happiness of others, Michael-Rae fulfils all the requirements to be selected as “The World’s Most Desirable Man”.

Off course, as I am now a photographer as well, my work with Michael-Rae included an impromptu photo-session.



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