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In one of the many parks of London

MEN AT WORK: The Photographers

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Previous posts in my “MEN AT WORK” series have consisted of a portrait of the “MAN”, followed by an image of the man “AT WORK” or of something related to his “WORK”.

This post is special. The first picture is a portrait of photographer Nigel Wilson, who is also an amazing photography tutor. The second image is an example of his work, where the subject happens to be yours truly.

This means that this post shows portraits of two photographers and their work: Nigel’s from left to right and mine from right to left.

With special thanks to the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

MEN AT WORK: The Actor

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Michael Rae Formston is an up and coming actor, who has appeared in series such as Hollyoaks, Casualty and BBC’s Thirteen. Michael Rae is my first headshot client. See the result of our shoot here.



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As part of a Portrait Master Class by the renowned photographer Rory Lewis at Calumet Photographic, we were able to photography the multifaceted Amber Tutton. This is the result of that amazing session.

MEN AT WORK: The Personal Trainer

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In the first of our series of portraits of men at work, we introduce Matt Farr, Personal Trainer and Health and Fitness expert “extraordinaire”.