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As part of a Portrait Master Class by the renowned photographer Rory Lewis at Calumet Photographic, we were able to photography the multifaceted Amber Tutton. This is the result of that amazing session.

Visual Lemonade

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A proverb tells us that lemonade is what we should make when life gives us lemons. So what to do when a tutor gives you visual lemons, aka bad snaps? Make visual lemonade!

We were given an envelope with 20 truly bad pictures. Our mission (should we choose to accept it)? “To discover some redeemable features and to organise them into a presentable form“. As this was a class assignment, we chose to choose to accept the mission. And there I was with my 20 visual lemons.

But fear not! Just the previous day, I had learnt about textures and tones and a very bright lightbulb went off in my head.

Careful scrutiny revealed that 4 of the images displayed some interesting textures.

As I was looking for interesting tones, the next step was to desaturate the pictures and lower their exposure to make them black-and-white.

Having done all this, it became time to look for the interesting tones. The images were turned every which way and carefully scrutinized. Slowly a pattern of sorts evolved, one of the semi finalists was eliminated and it was time to crop-crop-crop.

So without much further ado, for your viewing pleasure: VISUAL LEMONADE!