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Il Piccolo Pompeiano

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Seen at Pompei, Italy

“The Internal State of Men”, “Rapture”, “In a Different Light”, et al

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Last thursday was the very successful private view of our End of Year Show “Hidden Rivers“.  Numerous visitors were on hand to admire the varied and interesting array of works presented by the Class of 2014, BTEC National Diploma in Photography, of the Kensington and Chelsea College. The 2014 End of Year Show Photography Prize was won by the talented and creative Gesine Garz, whom I had the honour of modelling for many times during the past year.

For those of you who have not yet visited our exhibition, I present my contribution.

This is a series entitled “The Internal State of Men”, created in 2014, a group of portraits inviting you to identify the internal state of the model.

The title of this picture, inspired by the oeuvre of Sarah Moon, should speak for itself.

I also included some images familiar to the visitors of this blog, “The Dowager” and “The View, Horizontally“. The photo of “Los Espantos de Baldí” was included in the post about the colours of Costa Rica.

The final image I submitted to the Exhibition was one taken during my fashion shoot. It was created using my very own technique of rescuing photos which would otherwise be discarded. I call the photo “In a Different Light”.

If you like what you see and you are within the “neighbourhood”, stop by and visit our show.

HIDDEN RIVERS – End of Year Show 2014

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End of Year Show

BTEC National Diploma in Photography
Kensington & Chelsea College
PRIVATE VIEW: July 17, 2014, from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm
SHOW DATES: July 18-22, 2014, daily from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm


Typologies are all around us!

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A typology is a study of types or groups of similar thing. In a typology everything is the same, yet different.

A photographic typology is a series of images shot in a consistent, repetitive manner and presented in a grid. Every image has its own space, equal to that of the other photographs and there is great attention to composition. The subjects are often mundane.


The first typology I created was one of circles. The idea was to make the viewer think about the presence of circles in our lives. You may not realise this, but circles are all around us!

For our second typology we were placed in groups of 6 and the assignment was to create a typology of the group.


I chose to make one of the feet of the group members. The images are all appropriated as each member of the group took a selfie of their own feet.

The Four Directions

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The Studio! I have anticipated working in a studio ever since I started my formal study of photography. My current academic endeavours at Kensington & Chelsea College have opened my eyes to other photographic genres, yet deep down I still consider myself a portraitist first and foremost. And studio portraitist is the next frontier for me, to conquer the misteries of artificial light.

For our final project in the Studio Photography unit we had to create two series of four studio created images, one series consisting of still lives, the other of images taken with models in the high glide part of the studio. I opted to combine my two series in a single project about the Four Directions. With the help of my two amazing assistants, colleagues Gesine and Liliana and fellow photographer Rodrigo as my model, I present to you my interpretations of the Four Directions.