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Seen at London’s Royal Academy

“The Internal State of Men”, “Rapture”, “In a Different Light”, et al

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Last thursday was the very successful private view of our End of Year Show “Hidden Rivers“.  Numerous visitors were on hand to admire the varied and interesting array of works presented by the Class of 2014, BTEC National Diploma in Photography, of the Kensington and Chelsea College. The 2014 End of Year Show Photography Prize was won by the talented and creative Gesine Garz, whom I had the honour of modelling for many times during the past year.

For those of you who have not yet visited our exhibition, I present my contribution.

This is a series entitled “The Internal State of Men”, created in 2014, a group of portraits inviting you to identify the internal state of the model.

The title of this picture, inspired by the oeuvre of Sarah Moon, should speak for itself.

I also included some images familiar to the visitors of this blog, “The Dowager” and “The View, Horizontally“. The photo of “Los Espantos de Baldí” was included in the post about the colours of Costa Rica.

The final image I submitted to the Exhibition was one taken during my fashion shoot. It was created using my very own technique of rescuing photos which would otherwise be discarded. I call the photo “In a Different Light”.

If you like what you see and you are within the “neighbourhood”, stop by and visit our show.

HIDDEN RIVERS – End of Year Show 2014

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End of Year Show

BTEC National Diploma in Photography
Kensington & Chelsea College
PRIVATE VIEW: July 17, 2014, from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm
SHOW DATES: July 18-22, 2014, daily from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm



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Caerdydd, wider known as Cardiff, is a vibrant and bustling city in Wales, South Western Great Britain. I was blessed with beaut

iful sunny summer days during my visit, allowing me to fully take in all the wonders of this city of 340 thousand inhabitants.

In the downtown area you will find buildings in many different architectural styles, which combine very well together. There are many covered shopping arcades dating back a few centuries, which made me wonder whether the idea for the modern day shopping mall was actually born in Cardiff.

The BBC has an enormous studio complex near the Porth Teigr area , where Dr. Who and Holby City, among others, are filmed. Porth Teigr  itself with the Millennium Centre Opera House and the Senedd, the National Assembly for Wales is another interesting part of Cardiff with many quaint restaurants and shops.

With its inherent vitality, wondrous sites,  busting pubs, cafés and restaurants, Cardiff is the perfect place for a weekend or an even longer holiday.

Il villagio d’Acireale

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The last weekend of May 2014 was quite unforgettable. I spent it in Sicily, Italy, to attend the wedding of a very dear friend. More specifically, I was in the village of Acireale, at about an hour’s distance from Catania. It is a picturesque place, with narrow streets, sometimes no sidewalks and an amazing collection of baroque buildings.


It was quite an interesting experience getting to know Acireale and its friendly inhabitants. I even found a connection to another passion of mine (hint: beauty pageants). Definitely a suggested vacation destination!

Photographing Gaultier

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In preparation for my first fashion shoot working with an actual designer, I attended the exhibition on the renowned “artiste” Jean Paul Gaultier at London’s Barbican Centre. I went looking for inspiration and was very pleasantly surprised that I was actually allowed to photograph the amazing retrospective on Gaultier’s “oeuvre”.


It was a very interestingly curated exhibition combining some of the pieces with photographs of them, articles, movies and using blank faced manequins on which images of talking faces were projected, something which the camera regretfully did not capture. Enjoy this small taste of the magic of Jean Paul Gaultier.


The Evolution of Photographic Portraiture

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For our digital darkroom (digital manipulation) Unit, we were required to produce a series of eight related, digitally manipulated photographs. Using Adobe Photoshop CS6, I produced a series on the evolution of photographic portraiture. Starting with the very early image, through the Pictorialist movement, Solarization, the Mod Sixties, Warholian imagery, Polaroid photos and Iphoneography selfies,  I ended up with an imagined photo of the future.

With special thanks to my model, fellow photographer, Rodrigo da Silva