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Caerdydd, wider known as Cardiff, is a vibrant and bustling city in Wales, South Western Great Britain. I was blessed with beaut

iful sunny summer days during my visit, allowing me to fully take in all the wonders of this city of 340 thousand inhabitants.

In the downtown area you will find buildings in many different architectural styles, which combine very well together. There are many covered shopping arcades dating back a few centuries, which made me wonder whether the idea for the modern day shopping mall was actually born in Cardiff.

The BBC has an enormous studio complex near the Porth Teigr area , where Dr. Who and Holby City, among others, are filmed. Porth Teigr  itself with the Millennium Centre Opera House and the Senedd, the National Assembly for Wales is another interesting part of Cardiff with many quaint restaurants and shops.

With its inherent vitality, wondrous sites,  busting pubs, cafés and restaurants, Cardiff is the perfect place for a weekend or an even longer holiday.

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