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MEN AT WORK: The Photographers

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Previous posts in my “MEN AT WORK” series have consisted of a portrait of the “MAN”, followed by an image of the man “AT WORK” or of something related to his “WORK”.

This post is special. The first picture is a portrait of photographer Nigel Wilson, who is also an amazing photography tutor. The second image is an example of his work, where the subject happens to be yours truly.

This means that this post shows portraits of two photographers and their work: Nigel’s from left to right and mine from right to left.

With special thanks to the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.


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As part of a Portrait Master Class by the renowned photographer Rory Lewis at Calumet Photographic, we were able to photography the multifaceted Amber Tutton. This is the result of that amazing session.

Natural Beauty (Queens)

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Meet Anna and Kelly, two of the beautiful finalists for Miss Universe Great Britain 2015, “au naturel” (hair styling by Wharney da Rocha).

The finals for Miss Universe GB are on June 27th in Cardiff, Wales.


#THROWBACKTHURSDAY: Manhunt International 2007

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In my previous life on the island of Curaçao, I was a licensee of various international male and female beauty and modelling competitions. One of these was Manhunt International, whose head-offices are based in Singapore. The 2007 edition of Manhunt International was held in South Korea. As I accompanied my delegate, I took the opportunity to photograph the participants. This was one of my first forays into fashion photography.

“The Internal State of Men”, “Rapture”, “In a Different Light”, et al

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Last thursday was the very successful private view of our End of Year Show “Hidden Rivers“.  Numerous visitors were on hand to admire the varied and interesting array of works presented by the Class of 2014, BTEC National Diploma in Photography, of the Kensington and Chelsea College. The 2014 End of Year Show Photography Prize was won by the talented and creative Gesine Garz, whom I had the honour of modelling for many times during the past year.

For those of you who have not yet visited our exhibition, I present my contribution.

This is a series entitled “The Internal State of Men”, created in 2014, a group of portraits inviting you to identify the internal state of the model.

The title of this picture, inspired by the oeuvre of Sarah Moon, should speak for itself.

I also included some images familiar to the visitors of this blog, “The Dowager” and “The View, Horizontally“. The photo of “Los Espantos de Baldí” was included in the post about the colours of Costa Rica.

The final image I submitted to the Exhibition was one taken during my fashion shoot. It was created using my very own technique of rescuing photos which would otherwise be discarded. I call the photo “In a Different Light”.

If you like what you see and you are within the “neighbourhood”, stop by and visit our show.